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Kristin Lindgren


I AM Kristin Lindgren, a hard worker, a mom, and a believer in everyone winning.

My Passions include Alternative Medicine, Energy Healing, and would love to make stained glass one day.

In January 2021 a friend told me about an amazing advanced Targeted Cryotherapy device. She wished she could find someone to bring it to our area.  She was sold on it and I knew right then this device was my path; I knew it was what I was meant to do before I even saw the device or analyzed the profitability. Fast forward and I am now using the targeted cryotherapy device to offer healing and body sculpting services at my new business, Cryo Body ReVive.

The last few decades I was busy working and being a soccer mom to 3 kids. My youngest boy is now going into 10th grade at PHUHS (15), The oldest boy is 22 and just joined the air force last fall, and the oldest is my daughter, 23, she moved to Port Richey when she bought her house a year ago.

I was raised in Northern MN, nicknamed Frostbite Falls, home of Rocky and Bullwinkle and right there on the Canadian border (Also Famous for being the coldest “the Ice Box of the nation”). Yes, I walked to and from school, uphill, through -40 degree weather, and snow banks, LOL. Yes, this means I truly appreciate the sunshine, the beaches and the warm weather of Florida. Yet I am happy in the woods, camping, and being in the outdoors. Both MN and FL are my home, I have bounded back and forth between Florida and MN since she was 14.

Learning is a love of mine.  A Finance degree from UCF, Masters in IT Project Management, plus about 9 energy healing courses in 3 modalities, and like so many I have a Real Estate license.  I am more comfortable in front of a computer than in a group – hopefully I fake it pretty well.

For work, I spent Decades in corporate work, including Accounting, Finance, Financial planning and analysis, a Trainer of Financial Systems, Director of Finance, and IT Project Manager. I did love budgeting, being a trainer, and a project manager, but helping people instead of corporations is so much more fulfilling.

Right now, I plan to have a lot of fun living the dream here in paradise, laughing with great people, making a lot of money, and giving back where I can.

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