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Nicole Williger

Director of Business Development

I have a passion for PEOPLE! Naturally, business development in human resources was a perfect fit for me. I spent over two decades in the hospitality industry, meeting amazing new individuals every day and ensuring people were connecting at every memorable event. I have taken those people skills and leadership skills to the HR world and now help organizations meet their goals with the right HUMAN resources.

Company Overview

We serve every branch of the HR tree. From talent acquisition to implementation of HR technology systems, and everything in between: interim HR support, personalized HR assessments, HR executive placement, coaching, special HR projects – we’ve got you covered!

We provide solutions to organizations looking to accomplish their goals through strategic people management. hrEdge solutions are customized to each individual client to ensure that all organizations have access to HR support that fits their unique needs. Whether an organization requires interim leadership, extra hands for times of increased need or fractional ongoing HR support, we have a solution that has it covered.


Placing the perfect fit to advance your HR strategy.


HR Executive support customized to enhance your organization.


Check the pulse of your HR function with our personalized assessment.


Support during temporary lapses of coverage on your HR Team.


Assistance with selection, implementation and maximization of your HR technology solution.


Extra HR hands during times of heightened need and for Special Projects.

Group Seat Category

Human Resources