U Name It

Women Without Limits Networking Group

Sharon Brady


I moved to Florida from the “Island of Long” NY, January 1990 for work.  I was a Comptroller at a car dealership.  I have a Fluffy Black Pomeranian and a Siamese cat.  They tolerate each other.

Company Overview

In 2001 I had to start U Name It, which at the time I did not know anything about the business.  I had sold T Shirts to a new bar that was going to open soon.  I gave the sale to my friend who had started the business recently.  Every time I saw the lady, she asked me about the shirts, I would call my friend and she hadn’t done any thing on them.  So it came a week and half before the opening.  So I had to do it myself.  I couldn’t let them down.  I have learned a lot sense that day.

Now my mission it to help other business promote them selves.  I help them think of something in their price range.  I don’t mind giving out quotes and they change their mind, they are not obligated.

I love meeting new potential clients.  I’ll take the challenge on of helping them.

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